SolarWorks’s mission is to improve the lives of people who do not have access to electricity

Having access to reliable and clean energy changes lives. 

 SolarWorks! offers a wide range of solutions through a network of partners and
shops throughout the country as we believe in superb after sales service where
physical presence lays a crucial role.

Systems for households are made affordable by using a Pay As You Go payment
platform that is integrated with the mobile money providers.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises can purchase larger systems to power their
shop or irrigate their fields. While larger organizations like companies in rural
settings or hospitals can be provided with systems as large as 15kWp solar panel
 Either as back-up or as main power source. These larger systems can
often be provided incombination with a loan from a local bank.

Millions of families do not have access to energy. We offer affordable ‘pay-as-you-go’ systems for basic, lighting, charging and entertainment (e.g. radio and tv). All paid for by mobile money to avoid travel to pay.
Small business (e.g. shops, bars, restaurants, super markets) can purchase our ‘pay-as-you-go’ systems to have longer opening hours and enough power to offer new products and services (e.g. cold drinks if a system comes with a fridge) or irrigation pumps to increase their income from their fields
Larger organizations need more power which SolarWorks! offers with its ‘Autonomy’ and ‘All in One’ range. Health clinics, schools, and company offices that need reliable power can use our systems that-will bring their operations to the next level
SolarWorks! aims to keep their customers for the rest of their lives. As their needs grow they can upgrade to larger systems. In order to achieve this we offer local presence with service points through out the country and a call center where all local dialects are spoken.