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powerball productPortable solar lighting and phone charging

The Solar Power Ball yields 10 hours of light and will charge any mobile, from the most basic model to the latest smartphone. It lights a room of up to 12 m2 and is also ideal for the outdoors. And it is not reliant on the sun: if the weather is cloudy the Solar Power Ball can be charged with other power sources. It is reliable, high quality and beautifully designed.

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powerball 082017Gives you light

  • 8 hours of light on the highest setting and 40 hours on the lowest
  • Three lighting levels so you can choose how much light you need and when
  • Lights up a room of around 12 m2




Charges your mobile and other devices

  • It charges all mobiles: from the simplest mobile to the latest smartphone
  • It charges Mp3 players
  • It includes a USB cable with 4 plugs




Adapts to your lifestyle

  • You can hang it, use the packaging as a stand or simply use it as a portable torch
  • It has been created to perdure under tough conditions: if it falls and the cover comes apart, it is very easy to put it back together.




Not dependent exclusively on the sun

  • It can be charged either with the sun or with any other power source  between 5-24V DC (i.e. car battery, connecting it to the grid…)
  • The accessories to charge the battery with alternative power sources are also available from SolarWorks!




Reliable and easy to use

  • It has a battery level and charge indicator so you know how much battery is left
  • It charges in only 5 hours of full sunlight
  • It has an overcharge and over drainage protection so the battery does not get spoilt
  • It has at least 5 years battery life




Resistant and multi-use packaging

  • It comes with water and dust resistant packaging
  • The packaging can be used as a stand for the light or can be recycle to keep any items
  • The packaging is easily stacked and very resistant

Ideal for

powerball 082017Ideal for

  • Informal dwellings
  • Garages, sheds and guard huts
  • Off-grid areas
  • Camping, hiking and holidays

Specifications (Technical data)

SB diagramSpecifications (Technical data)

Colour temperature
6000K bright white light
Luminous flux
80 lumen on highest setting (we are continually increasing lumen on newer releases)
Type of light
LiFePO4 6.6Wh
Battery cycles
2000+ cycles under normal operating conditions
Overcharge and over-drainage
Solar Panel
Chrystalline 1.8 Wp
USB A / 5V 500mA
AC adaptors and car battery connection available
Solar panel cable
3 metres
Hours of light
The Solar Power Ball yields 40 hours of light and will charge


accessories-diagramSolarworks! Power Ball accessories

The Solar Power Ball gets its energy from the sun when it is shining. In cloudy weather you can use any of the below accesories to ensure uninterrupted supply. You choose how to charge your Solar Power Ball!

clips plug charger

(to 5.5 mm plug)

(to 5.5 mm plug)

(to 5.5 mm plug)


Why the product was created

Why we created the Solar Power Ball

The Solar Power Ball was designed to help anybody out that finds himself in a situation where there is no access to electricity and in desperate need to charge his phone. It had to be a light at the same time as it is such a basic need when you are left in the dark.

The product had to stand out in terms of design appeal as Bernard and Arnoud, SolarWorks! founders,  didn’t want to bring a product to the market that could in any way be associated with “poor man’s lamp”. So no lantern or torch designs. It had to be different. It had to become almost the “Apple” among the solar charging and lighting devices.

In terms of functionality Bernard and Arnoud realized that there was already a lot out there in the market. So how to stand out apart from the design appeal? They think the biggest challenge for solar products in general  is the unpredictability of the weather. The thought was: “whatever we do, it cannot be that people are left in the dark if there is cloudy weather. So if empty it had to charge fast. If there is no sun of a couple of days it had to be able to charge from a as wide as possible variety of power sources.”

And last not least: Bernard and Arnoud wanted the packaging to be re-usable. So no carton box or shrink wrap packaging but something that can be used after it has been opened.